Instagram Save

Instagram Save

Lead designer


Improving people’s journeys from inspiration to action

In 2016, I mapped out product opportunities along people's journeys from inspiration to action on Instagram. One of these products was Save. The goal was to allow people to easily revisit and take action on content they love at a time that’s best for them.

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Uncovering a user need

It became clear that there was a need for Save when our team discovered that a large percentage of daily iOS users were taking screenshots of posts or sending them in direct messages to themselves. We hypothesized that people discovered content they were interested in, but wanted to be able to revisit that content a later time. And while screenshots and messages were effective workarounds, we felt that we could deliver a better experience that was optimized for the platform and which could deliver more value to people.


Strategizing the MVP

To meet the needs uncovered through data and user research, I designed our MVP around three guiding principles:

  • Simple. The act of saving needed to be as easy or easier than taking a screenshot.
  • Discoverable. The home of saved content needed to be in a place where it was easy to discover and revisit frequently.
  • Private. Save needed to be private so people could feel comfortable saving content they love.


Saving a post from feed. We coordinated with various teams in Instagram to get a top level spot on the feed action bar. This made the affordance discoverable and easy to use.

This animation guides savers to the location of the home of saved content while also acting as delightful feedback when tapping on the save icon.


Revisiting saves. During user research, most people expected the entry point to saved content to live in profile. To meet expectations, the entry point of the home became a tab of content under the profile bio. Saved content is then organized in a familiar three column grid in reverse chronological order.


Save launched in December of 2016 to all Instagram users. Immediately after its launch, we saw large user adoption. We also saw a drop in direct messages sent to self, proving that we were able to address the unmet need of revisiting content. Learn more about the product launch from our blog post or this press article.