Instagram Quick View for Android

Instagram Quick View for Android



Giving people a quicker browsing experience

This project was a collaboration between a team of engineers and I during a company hackathon. We had observed that the Android Instagram app did not give people a way to preview posts without having to leave the grid view, however this feature existed on the iOS app thanks to iOS’s “peek and pop”. We wanted to give all Instagram users the ability to do this to improve their browsing experiences on Explore and Profile.



Android doesn’t have a pattern for this kind of interaction, and copying the iOS pattern did not feel natural on Android when prototyped, so we made quick decisions and landed on two core principles for our solution.

  •  Quick. A long press is the entry point to the preview. In practice, people would be able to scroll down the view and quickly preview posts without ever having to leave the grid view.
  • Simple. The main difference between the Android and iOS experiences is that Android does not allow people to lock the preview by swiping up. Instead, the Android version tracks the user’s finger to trigger actions like liking, visiting Profile, or Direct messaging. This interaction felt simpler than the iOS version and did not require custom action sheets since the Instagram Android app uses modals.